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While countless Washington, D.C.-based firms vanish with the passing of each Administration, Congress and election cycle, 2019 marks sm/c/p inc.’s 14th year as a premium, bipartisan boutique communications consultancy working independently or collaboratively with other DC, NYC and state-based public affairs entities in various B2B configurations.

Gordon Hensley, the firm’s principal, is a former communications director and speechwriter for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), a Governor, four Capitol Hill lawmakers and numerous high visibility, top-tier U.S. Senate, gubernatorial and presidential campaigns. He has 25 years of senior-level government, private sector and national campaign experience in DC and on the ground in over a dozen states, including NY, TX and CA.

He maintains a substantial background in federal/state health and economic policy with a focus on post-acute care, Medicare and Medicaid financing, pharmaceutical, tax and budget issues. In the realm of politics and corporate advocacy, Hensley has helped lead crisis response to corporate malfeasance allegations, federal and state investigations, federal regulatory disputes, reputation management issues, and dealing with the media aftermath of ill-considered public comments.

Having served as senior on-the-record, on-camera spokesperson in many of his campaign engagements, those working with him on high-stakes national and state advocacy efforts significantly benefit from his unusually diverse public affairs background, grasp of policy and hands-on understanding of media, message, polling, research and digital advocacy.

Gordon Hensley: A Diversity of Senior-Level Writing, Content Expertise

Hensley’s general writing, content and messaging repertoire (a majority of which falls under existing confidentiality agreements, while the following examples do not) includes writing, editing and collaborating on CEO and presidential campaign announcement speeches and policy proposals (1) (2); Health policy advocacy op-eds (1) (2) (3) (4) (5); Congressional testimony; Longer-form international business-related marketing content for the City of New York and others; Primary web content creator for a DC pharmacy coalition; Writing/managing state and national association TV spot/video production; PAC communications; Contributing to key, framing messaging of Association-financed industry studies (1) (2); Capitol Hill/state legislative advocacy issue briefs (1) (2) (3) (4) (5); and other communications products. (See Hensley’s post on NYC executive communications firm’s website for more insight/context about his views on collaborative writing, editing and accurate public attribution).

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"Gordon Hensley is a rare combination: He’s a superb strategic thinker, messaging expert, and writer; and he’s also an exceptionally hard worker.  He is the consummate professional and he adds real value to every team he’s on.”

Doug Goodyear CEO and Founding Partner, DCI Group

“It’s simple. We wouldn’t have won our toughest Senate race without Gordon’s expertise, skill and leadership.”

U.S. Senator Bob Corker R-TN

"In today’s political and public affairs world, the focus on building the biggest pile of campaign cash and the latest social media tactic comes at the expense of real strategy and messaging… Gordon Hensley stands out as a true master of strategy and messaging with a purpose… I have and always will look to him as a key messaging team leader in any future battles."

Ed Goeas President/CEO, Tarrance Group

He absorbs research, and quickly figures out how to go on the offensive by engaging opponents with data, facts and an unusually aggressive news management approach

Managing Partner Austin, TX-based lobbying and law firm

As a longtime Democratic Party activist and fundraiser who works with Gordon on communications projects, he always adheres to the bipartisan tone and messaging I require for my domestic and international clients. He's one of the most astute, reliable professionals I've worked with in Washington.

David L. Mercer President, Mercer Associates; Fmr Democratic National Committee (DNC) Deputy National Finance Director

“Gordon is a rare writing talent. His abilities are especially rare in politics and public affairs because he sees the world differently -- outside the box of convention -- and brings that inspiration to bear in prose that is not only memorable but also elegant and clear.  It has been my pleasure to work closely with him.”

Mari Maseng Will President, Maseng Communications

“Gordon Hensley is a pro’s pro – smart, fast and great judgment. His political and public policy writing is second to none and can be counted on to deliver as promised”

Kieran Mahoney CEO and Founding Partner, Mercury Public Affairs

At Edelman I hired Gordon on behalf of a national health care client to handle writing, congressional testimony, op-ed and strategic communications projects for the CEO and other senior executives. His work is excellent and always on time. His deep political campaign background gives him a decided edge over others who simply don’t have the experience, skill level and “get it done now” mentality big PR firms live by. I still seek him out for advice and counsel on various projects.

Rhonda Keenum Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Public Liaison (George W. Bush); Senior VP Edelman Public Relations

Hensley did a great job collaborating on Governor Walker's well-received presidential announcement speech, and working with the campaign on our health, labor and foreign policy proposal rollouts. His eye for policy detail, language nuance and ability to meet tight deadlines is outstanding.

Rick Wiley 2016 RNC National Field Director, Fmr Campaign Director Scott Walker for President

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“We use Hensley for complex content projects. His writing chops, attention to detail, low maintenance style, and ability to lead in a team environment is impressive.”

Managing Director Major NYC-Based Public Relations Firm

"Gordon Hensley is a special and rare commodity.  He understands that substance is what sells in the media and he knows how to make that content sing.  Avalere’s work with Gordon is fun and incredibly productive – his knowledge of the rhythms of the media, combined with our depth of content, produces great results."

Dan Mendelson President, Avalere Health

What makes Gordon Hensley incredibly valuable is his strength absorbing and assimilating a large volume of policy and political information, and out of that developing effective, persuasive advocacy content.

Ray Sierpina Senior VP/Public Policy and Government Affairs, Kindred Healthcare (NYSE:KND)

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“Gordon is gifted in the art of crafting nuanced, effective policy, advocacy and political narrative. After all the meetings and conference calls, he's the go-to guy for synthesizing these discussions into first-rate content. The fact we incur no HR costs for his talent is an obvious added benefit.”

Partner National Corporate Writer’s Group/PR Firm

“Gordon has an excellent ear and works well developing and conveying policy messaging.  Whether working to advance a policy agenda or playing defense, he has a unique ability to ‘thread the needle.’ His understanding of policy and ability to translate into common language is peerless.”

Clif Porter Senior VP Govt. Affairs, American Health Care Association

“I’ve worked with Gordon for over a decade at the state and federal levels, and can say unequivocally he is the best press strategist and writer I have worked with. His attention to policy detail and ability to manage other research, polling and media vendors adds significantly to his overall value.”

Alan Rosenbloom Pres/CEO Senior Care Pharmacy Coalition; Fmr President Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care and Pennsylvania Health Care Association (PHCA)

"Gordon did a great job on a key writing project for New York City's international marketing efforts; the fact he wrote it practically from scratch using several piles of assorted documents was remarkable."

Kym Spell Fmr Head of Communications @NYCgo and @Partnership 4NYC; Fmr Dep Comms Director, Al Gore for President

Expertise and Specialized Practice Areas:

Message Strategy and Execution

Message Strategy and Execution
As a lead vendor working on larger teams, Hensley is highly skilled at developing, executing and managing effective research-based advocacy messaging. More

Framing and Re-framing Narratives

Framing and Re-framing Narratives
The frame by which a public policy battle is waged makes the difference between success and failure. More

Speechwriting and Testimony

Speechwriting and Testimony
Gordon Hensley collaborates on a wide variety of speechwriting, congressional testimony and other major writing projects for CEO’s, Governors, U.S. Senators, GOP presidential candidates, former Cabinet officials and others.

Superior Digital Content

Superior Digital Content
Meeting the insatiable demand for sophisticated, cogent, policy-oriented digital content for business, politics and advocacy purposes is one of today’s biggest challenges. More

Research/Data Packaging and Rollout

Research/Data Packaging and Rollout
Funding third party data and research projects – and employing the correct traditional and digital marketing platforms — are among organizations’ best tools for making news and earning the attention of lawmakers, regulators and key influencers. More

Vendor Management

Vendor Management
Senior government affairs and communications executives – already busy managing their organizations’ own internal functions — are often overwhelmed by too many external vendors seeking time and answers simply not available at a moment’s notice. More

Seasoned, Actionable Senior Counsel

Seasoned, Actionable Senior Counsel
Seasoned, actionable counsel combined with quickly producing key content for external and internal audiences during times of crisis — as well as opportunity — is worth its weight in gold. More

Aggressive News Management

Aggressive News Management
Successfully managing the news and information flow of a high profile, high stakes federal or state public affairs effort requires vigilance, fresh content at the ready, continuous engagement and a nimble, aggressive messaging strategy that strikes the right balance between staying on offense and appropriately addressing falsehoods and distortions.

Communications / Messaging Audits

Communications/Messaging Audits
Why do most advocacy efforts and communications and messaging techniques prove ineffective, fall short and fail? More

Deliverables, Deliverables, Deliverables

Deliverables, Deliverables, Deliverables
Conference calls and meetings are one thing, but actually generating a continuous stream of high quality content into the communications and news mix is quite another. More

Insights and Observations

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A quick message from Gordon Hensley

Have a question concerning a communications issue, writing project or crisis requiring a candid, objective professional opinion?

Seeking specialized media expertise and/or content development capacity and not sure where to turn?

If I can’t help you or satisfactorily answer your query, I surely know someone who can. A majority of my company’s business is referral-based, but I make plenty of referrals myself to specialists and firms across the country. Call the office or shoot me an email — I’m happy to chat.


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